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Anonymous: tips on how to give blow jobs


Giving head to a guy:

  1. More sucking in the “up and down” motion on the penis than anything else really. Take your dominant hand, make an “o”, place it to your closed mouth with your thumb touching your bottom lip, and move your head forwards and backwards while rotating your hand. This is exactly what you should be doing 40-50% of a good blow job.
  2. while doing all of this, use your free hand to tickle his balls or stroke his perineum, as this will intensify pleasure by stimulating the nerves all around his groin rather than those in his dick. Note that it says tickle and not squeeze. Please, for the sake of bvsed god, do not squeeze.
  3. About every 20 seconds, take your mouth off of the penis and move to the base of his balls. Then, lick along the line separating his left and his right nuts, up his shaft and finally to the head of his penis. 
  4. The head of the penis, little do many girls know, is the most sensitive region. When you want to change things up a bit, pull down on his foreskin (if he has one) and swirl your mouth around the head while swishing your tongue in circles. If he’s cut, lick the skin on the back of the head connecting to the shaft. Utilize this technique as much as possible.
  5. Don’t use your teeth. Ever. No one likes it. Tooth-to-dick scraping is easily the one one way to ruin a good dome. Practice by tucking your lips over your teeth while blowing some phallic object like a banana and know that this will really help hone your skills.
  6. Deep throat feels ridiculously good to men during a blow job. Gagging may be hot to some guys, but they wouldn’t be too stoked about gagging once they experience puke dick. When you brush your teeth, brush the back of your tongue as well. This desensitizes the area and makes deep throating even the biggest most monster of all dicks a breeze.
  7. If you want to make him orgasm during oral, realize that it is more so the use of your hand rather than your mouth that actually builds up the sexual tension in his prostate gland. Shake fast but lightly for 10 seconds in between blowing periods if you want him to cum, but don’t ever squeeze his penis TOO hard, as this can be really uncomfortable.
  8. When he’s about to cum, you have to decide: Spit or Swallow. While most girls and boys i know like to spit, I actually enjoy swallowing. The taste of semen can deter one from swallowing. One possible solution: Ask your man to eat pineapples or sweet fruits throughout the day. it might sound weird, but citrus fruits are known to give semen a sweet taste and make it much more bearable to swallow.
  9. Communicate. Good sex is all about communication, because everything is different; find out if your man likes what you’re doing and change things up a bit if he doesn’t.
  10. love what you are doing, do not give head if you are not comfortable it will show in your technique and your face. Be a cock sucking whore. Love it. And if you swallow; do it because you want to, not because he wants you to. 

Are these tips good enough?
Personally I am a cum whore.

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